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Zoe Antoniades graduated from the University of Hull with a degree in English and Drama and later trained as a teacher at the Institute of Education.

She has taught in Lambeth and Hounslow specialising in music and the creative arts; teaching classes, running workshops, directing musical theatre productions and managing large scale entertainment events.  Zoe also provides tuition in
English (up to A-Level) and Maths (up to KS3).

As an Arts specialist, Zoe has worked on a wide range of creative projects in partnership with the Southbank Centre, the Royal Albert Hall, the Young Vic and Polka Theatre, Music for Youth and Film Club.

Zoe provides creative writing workshops for young people, through which she has published three anthologies of short stories, Invincible Voices - Long Shorts, Medium Shorts and Short Shorts, which were launched at Waterstones, Chiswick in April 2017. The fourth book in the series, Invincible Voices - Winter Shorts, is due for publication later in 2018. Zoe has also written a memoir, Tea and Baklavas which won the Winchester Writers’ Festival Memoir Prize; she is currently working on developing her own novels for children aged 8-12+.

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Writing tuition and book publishing workshops

Creative writing sessions where stories are told
by children for children.

Children come together in small groups to work with Zoe Antoniades, a specialist teacher and writer. Imaginative and exciting ideas are developed together through the process of shared writing, resulting in collections of short stories which are published professionally through Matador press.

These stories are for children by children; they contain first-hand concepts that children want to read about because children have chosen to write them. With a skilled teacher to guide them, the children are inspired to come up with their own ideas, then helped to shape, structure, organise and develop them so that they evolve into more professional pieces. The result of such an approach is a unique style, a hybrid product of adult and child’s voice. The stories possess the spirit and originality of a child’s creative ideas, but with the polish and flair of an experienced writer.

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Workshops are held at Otterburn Gardens, close to Syon Lane, Isleworth. Tuesdays 4.00 - 5.00pm and Fridays 5.00-6.00pm.

For further details contact:

Zoe Antoniades - Tel: 07985 259 628

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The lovely things people say.

An outstanding teacher. In a music lesson, the teacher’s enthusiasm and energy were transmitted to the pupils who participated fully and enjoyed the lesson immensely. They sang tunefully and made excellent progress.

Zoe is a very talented teacher who develops an excellent rapport with the pupils. Zoe plans her lessons to be dynamic and stretching for the different levels of attainment of the pupils. Her enthusiasm is reflected in the enthusiasm shown by the pupils and results in a very high standard of work which the pupils deliver. Zoe has gained a great deal of respect from parents who recognise the commitment and effort she puts in and the achievements of the pupils. Zoe gives unstintingly of her time and effort to the job of teaching and has been a source of energy and ideas.
Jack Ingram, Headteacher

High expectations and excellent subject knowledge which engaged the children’s interest and moved the learning on. Very clear explanations and a really well organised session. Very good behaviour management – children remained focused throughout the session and listened really well.
Anne Williams, Consultant for Hounslow Primary Schools

Thank you for being there for me and teaching me a lot about writing and planning a story. Thank you for being a brilliant teacher.
Phoebe, Year 6

You are an excellent and dedicated teacher. You always put the children first and deliver well presented and organised lessons.
Michelle, Teaching Assistant

I’m full of admiration for all you do and for the way you make it all fun.
Lucy Swanson, Parent Governor

You’ve done so much for me this year and you have given me a lot more confidence in myself. A really big thank you!
Kiran, Year 6

You was the kindest ever!
Paul, Year 6

Michael has really grown up this year. He is not shy in class anymore. Thanks for being such a nice teacher to him.
Parent of Year 4 child

Thank you for all your help and support with Lucy. She is doing so well now and enjoying learning.
Parent of Year 4 child



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Otterburn Gardens
Close to Syon Lane

Tel: 07985 259 628
E-mail: zoe@invinciblevoices.org
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